So where do I start?

The story of Genesis spans over 3 decades, taking place both in the past and in the future yet to unfold....
so at at least you're in on the ground floor.
Dei Mundi Novi is the collective name for the first six books of Genesis.
Each book is a "Chapter" in it's own right and despite having a predefined chronological assignment; - we'll ignore it for now,
mainly because it'll just get even more confusing.


Volume 1 will contain the following Chapters;
(The links will become active as they become available.)

Virtue's Chronicles

Tonight, The City Sleeps...
Death Of A Salesman

Requiem for a Submarine

Martial Law

But In The End...


​ "Whilst whats left of the world struggles to come to terms with the devastation left in the wake of an unknown global catastrophe, (The Event) a collective of old friends seemingly bound by fate to reunite, make one last desperate stand to save mankind from extinction.

This book of Genesis... is the story of how the world ends."