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"Whilst other countries are dealt catastrophic blows in the wake of The Event, Malta is left facing a catastrophe of a different kind.

Isolated and completely without power, the islands fate will lie its people and the traditions they uphold..."







From The Ashes is a proposed series of books that will continue to explore the depths of the narrative outlined in Genesis.
Headed up by 'Sergeant of Arms' Dhalia, the intention of the project is to collaborate more freely with artists and writers on shorter, individual stories away from the main narrative, which are then compiled and released accordingly.
The freedom to explore the post apocalyptic future outlined in Genesis is extended to participating artists and writers, as they carve their own piece of the story, adding to an already extensive mythology and timeline of events.
As the tale continues to unfold with Genesis over the years, the potential of the project holds no bounds, as the list of contributors continues to grow.

The forthcoming book 'From the Ashes…' will tell two tales of two cities,
both inspired by the rich history and traditions of Maltese culture…


Maria's Song


"As Malta's people struggle for survival in the wake of "The Event", an aspiring community comes under attack from pirates.
We follow the story of a local girl Maria as she soon learns that all is not what it seems..."

Artwork by: Jasper Schellekens
Written by: David Dhalia & Jasper Schellekens



A Man and his Dog

"As Malta's communities strive for dominance, one man seemingly ignorant to the global catastrophe carries on with his self sufficient life, entirely alone... if not for his faithful dog."


Artwork by: Alan Stealth

Written by: Judas & Alan Stealth


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