So...uh what exactly is a School Of Bitches?

School Of Bitches is a British art-house established in 2012.
Originally solely based in Cardiff, Wales this emergent collective of writers, artists and other contributors assembled to collaborate on "Genesis"; - the house’s flagship publication.

Genesis adopts a non-linear narrative and evolves its artistic style to tell the story of how the world ends, through multiple Chapters, initially previewed in a series of comics.

They revealed "Issue 1" at the Malta Comic Con in 2012, and launched it at the Cardiff Comic Expo the following year. They went on to enjoy success at a variety of UK conventions throughout their
'‎killchilledruntour', finishing with a truimphant return as guests at Malta at the end of the year, and the launch of Issue 2.
Issue 2 was one of five shortlisted for Favourite British Black & White Comic at the True Believer's Awards (formerly The Eagle Awards) in 2014.

2014 also saw the release of Issue 3 in the summer, with Issue 4 launching at their third consecutive appearance in Malta that November.

Also launched at the event, was a preview of From The Ashes, a proposed book that would explore the "universe" outlined Genesis, specifically the fate of Malta.
With the art-house branching out with multiple projects, and growing in size, a "second base" was established in Malta in April 2015.

"Two players. Two sides. One is light one is dark"


At present, the team are working on hard on multiple collaborative projects, including:
From The Ashes, Requiem For A Submarine & Virtue's Chronicles: The Paperback