Creative Consultant, Lead Writer, 'the guy who actually knows something about comics'


Adam Rees AKA 'Judas' originally agreed to pen a single chapter of Genesis after being sent Stealth's manifesto in 2012.
As he began attending meetings, his existing knowledge of comics and love of sequential art quickly became apparent, and offered a much needed perspective to the project.
After Stealth and Dhalia returned from Malta that year, he became more directly involved in the 'mechanics' of Issue One, hugely influencing the final product.
He joined the pair in 2013, first attending the Cardiff Expo in March, and went on to support the #killchilledruntour throughout the year.
Despite his moniker as a writer, he continues to have significant influence over the artistic styles and approach to the subject matter.

With the expansion of the team abroad, Judas became Lead Writer in early 2015.


His contributions in Issue 2 and 3 was longlisted for Best Comic for the British Comic Awards, with Issue 2 becoming one of five shortlisted for Favorite British Black & White at the True Believer's Awards. (formerly The Eagle Awards)



Judas is currently scripting on Requiem For A Submarine.



Website: www.schoolofbitches.co.uk

Contact: judas@schoolofbitches.co.uk


Stealth on Judas:
"It's often difficult to put into words exactly what Judas does. But we most definitely need it."