Alan Stealth



Lead Artist, Writer & Benefactor.


Stealth has been working on the 'Genesis project' in some capacity for over a decade.
Genesis, his apocalyptic vision, his warning, is an autobiography for those that know him.
For those that don't - they will know a part of him by the end.
Though the project was declared in 2003, it wasn't until 2011;- after a Fine Art degree and 5 years in the 'real world' - he took the first competent steps towards putting 10 years of theory into practice.
He began storyboarding the first chapter to be launched, Chapter XVI: Virtue's Chronicles and recruited a handful of writers, to "fill the gaps" in his story. Dhalia was the first. Judas shortly after.
The pair became signficantly more involved in the project than Stealth had anticipated - influencing everything from the art style, presentation and direction.
Now armed with a fully fledged creative team, the project went into overdrive.
With oversight from the elusive 'PR Guy', a formidable team was born.

Stealth has been lead artist on the project, completing artwork for the "1st chapter" of Genesis, Virtue's Chronicles and subsequently, Tonight The City Sleeps.


His work in Issue 1, 2 and 3 was longlisted for Best Comic for the British Comic Awards, with Issue 2 becoming one of five shortlisted for Favorite British Black & White at the True Believer's Awards. (formerly The Eagle Awards)

A series of his artworks entitled "Deconstructing Malta" were featured in The Malta Times in 2013 and 2014, and the full series of works exhibited at the countries Comic Con that year.



Stealth is currently working on the end of Virtue's Chronicles.